Take the best from each human being

IS there anyone in the world you like totally As in,approve everything about that person,all the time Even if you are wildly,obsessively in all consuming love Even if you have your rose-tinted glasses pushed right back up your nose Can you honestly say there is nothing at all about your loved one you would rather change

Surely not.It cannot be possible to like everything about even the one person you love most in the world be it a parent,a child,or the man or woman in your life! There will always be at least one trait you dislike,one negative you would rather wish away. And therein starts our quest to change those we love most.If only that teeny weeny thing about them could be changed a habit given up,a personality trait dropped or another acquired ! Parents go beyond the formative years of kids and waste precious time and energy trying to change their adult offspring! People even attempt to influence a change in traits of old parents! And yet one negative trait cannot possibly make you give up totally on a loved one.A recent article in Los Angeles Times talks critically of a therapist who advised a woman to totally sever all ties with her father since he was evil.When the author,a social psychologist Carol Tavris,asked the woman if she thought her father was 100 per cent bad,she replied,No,I think hes a normal guy who made some mistakes. For one negative,you cannot possibly give up an entire relationship.Couples spend entire lifetimes trying to change each other to tally with their idea of perfection.

How much better life would be if we just accepted each other as we are! And just learn to turn a blind eye to the little things we dont like,even as we make the most of the vast things we love about each other.

Why is it compulsory to like everything about a friend You can pick on what you like and focus on that,turning a blind eye to what you do not approve of.Must you go around trying to change the world You can value a friend for her loyalty and generosity and forgive her for her streak of cattiness.You can love the side of her that you cherish and simply accept,even ignore,the one you disapprove of.What a sense of peace that brings to a relationship!

Now,if nobody can be perfect,no one can be all bad either.Even in the worst of humans,we can find some goodness we can relate to and appreciate.How can anyone be all good or all bad How can you be all right or all wrong You wouldnt be human if you were! Gods and Goddesses too have their weak spots and moments.

In her latest book The Power,Rhonda Byrne urges,Notice the things you love in other people,and turn away from the things you dont so you dont give them any feeling. She goes on to say,If you cant love the good in someone or something simply turn away turn away by looking for the things you love in life!

Much like you would do at a buffet,take the best from each human being and from every relationship and enjoy it to the fullest.And just as you would walk past the dishes you dont care about,do not focus on what you dont like and so get hassled or make futile attempts to change it!

What we really need is LOVE

We sometimes think; why are we so greedy for land and property, why are we motivated by political desires? Sometimes it’s hard to love like this. We should not detest the diseased. We should try to rid the disease because all living creatures are connected with one another. If we cannot love the violent, cruel hearted, hateful and the envious, then we cannot love anyone.

Just as iron is naturally attracted to a magnet, the soul of every living being is naturally attracted to God, who is like a supreme magnet. Then why do so many engage in ungodly activities?

Just as a piece of iron covered by dust or rust is not attracted to a magnet , the soul covered by lust, greed, envy, pride, anger and illusion is not attracted to God.

So people are diseased, but we should love the one who is suffering from this disease. People are ruining their lives because their pure consciousness is obscured by illusion and ignorance.

When it is night, it is difficult to see what is what, who is hwo, where we are. Ignorance means you do not know. Ignorance is due to darkness, but as soon as the sun rises, everything is revealed as it is. Similarly, when the light within us is allowed to shine, all ignorance is dispelled.

The sun of knowledge, God, is within all of us. Then why are we in darkness? Simply because we cannot perceive His presence. When there are dark clouds, you cannot see the sun. So the cloud of ignorance, which is the root disease which creates all the symptoms in the form of unwanted activities and thoughts, is covering the pure light of the Divine within us.

Yoga is a means to dissipate this cloud and allow the sun of love, the sun of peace, the pure light of the divine presence of the Lord within our hearts to shine and give light to everyone. The supreme occupation of all humanity is to give light to the world, not to contribute to the darkness. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

It is the duty of each one of us, it is the highest expression of love, to purify our own hearts. If you do not have something, how can you give it to others? You can only give what you have.

What we need is not more technology, not more scientific research. this world doesn’t need more food. There’s plenty of food, but it’s being dumped in the ocean or buried under the ground. What we need is love. If we do not have love, what can we give? We will simply remain a part of the problem.

Therefore, purification of the heart is the divine responsibility of each one of us. When our hearts are pure like the sun, love will emanate in all directions for everyone. Does the sun discriminate that this is a dragonfly, this is a dog, this is a Native American, this is an Indian, this is a businessman, and this is the president of the United States? No

The pure heart shines love all around in the same way as the sun. When we purify our hearts, we transcend all boundaries of sectarianism, all boundaries of selfishness, and we can be the true servant, well wisher and friend of every living being.