Personality types – Where do you fit in? Test yourself

Psychologists say most of us belong to the following personality types. Find out which type you are…

Obsessive Compulsive

Positive – Over achievers

Negative – Disturbed family life, prone to physical ailments, easily stressed

– Do you find it difficult to delegate work to others?

– Are you a workaholic?

– Are you a perfectionist?

– Do you feel recreational activities are a waste of time?

– Are you rigid about morals and values?


Positive – Able to sustain relationships, gives into relationships

Negative – Unable to be assertive or deal with changes

– Do you need other people to make important decisions in your life?

– Do you agree with people as you are scared that they’ll abandon you?

– Do you say “yes” even when you want to say “no”?

– Are you unable to deal with criticism?

– Do you try hard to please people?


Positive – Good in media

Negative – Difficulty in relationships

– Do you over react in situations?

– Do you feel uncomfortable when you are not the center of attraction?

– Are you over concerned about your physical attractiveness?

– Do you always want people around you?

– Have yu been called a “flirt” by others?

Avoidant Personality

Positive – Good at doing individual tasks

Negative – Unable to handle jobs that include interacting with others, socially isolated

– Are you unable to make friends?

– Do you feel uncomfortable with others around you?

– Are you unable to take up activities because they include interacting with others?

– Are you very shy?

– Do you feel others will ridicule you?

– Do you fear criticism?


Positive – Good in media

Negative – Unable to look beyond oneself and/or understand others

– Do you spend hours admiring yourself in the mirror?

– Would you take advantage of some one to fulfill your own needs?

– Are you pre-occupied with yourself?

– Do you feel you are superior than others?

– Do you envy others’ abilities?

Borderline Personality

Positive – Creative and passionate people

Negative – Impulsive and nurse relationship concerns

– Do you feel aimless and lost in life?

– Does acting on your impulses land you in trouble?

– Are you so different at different times that you don’t know what to expect of yourself?

– Are you scared of being alone?

– Have you had one relationship after the other?

Answering “Yes” to three out of five questions puts you in that category. So go ahead and test your type of personality.