Personality types – Where do you fit in? Test yourself

Psychologists say most of us belong to the following personality types. Find out which type you are…

Obsessive Compulsive

Positive – Over achievers

Negative – Disturbed family life, prone to physical ailments, easily stressed

– Do you find it difficult to delegate work to others?

– Are you a workaholic?

– Are you a perfectionist?

– Do you feel recreational activities are a waste of time?

– Are you rigid about morals and values?


Positive – Able to sustain relationships, gives into relationships

Negative – Unable to be assertive or deal with changes

– Do you need other people to make important decisions in your life?

– Do you agree with people as you are scared that they’ll abandon you?

– Do you say “yes” even when you want to say “no”?

– Are you unable to deal with criticism?

– Do you try hard to please people?


Positive – Good in media

Negative – Difficulty in relationships

– Do you over react in situations?

– Do you feel uncomfortable when you are not the center of attraction?

– Are you over concerned about your physical attractiveness?

– Do you always want people around you?

– Have yu been called a “flirt” by others?

Avoidant Personality

Positive – Good at doing individual tasks

Negative – Unable to handle jobs that include interacting with others, socially isolated

– Are you unable to make friends?

– Do you feel uncomfortable with others around you?

– Are you unable to take up activities because they include interacting with others?

– Are you very shy?

– Do you feel others will ridicule you?

– Do you fear criticism?


Positive – Good in media

Negative – Unable to look beyond oneself and/or understand others

– Do you spend hours admiring yourself in the mirror?

– Would you take advantage of some one to fulfill your own needs?

– Are you pre-occupied with yourself?

– Do you feel you are superior than others?

– Do you envy others’ abilities?

Borderline Personality

Positive – Creative and passionate people

Negative – Impulsive and nurse relationship concerns

– Do you feel aimless and lost in life?

– Does acting on your impulses land you in trouble?

– Are you so different at different times that you don’t know what to expect of yourself?

– Are you scared of being alone?

– Have you had one relationship after the other?

Answering “Yes” to three out of five questions puts you in that category. So go ahead and test your type of personality.

Googling is good for your brain

Whatever your age, googling can chase away the blues.

All that surfing isn’t that time wasted but may actually be good for your brain. Researchers believe that the World Wide Web may help elderly patients fight chronic depression and other illness.

A team from center on Aging at the University of California has found that trawling the Net stimulates brain function more than other activities, such as reading a book. Engaging with technology can have important benefits for mental fitness as it involves complex activity, which keeps the brain ticking, particularly for middle aged and older adults.

Curiosity and the urge to challenge one’s mental faculties promotes neurogenesis. This could come through reading, writing and watching videos as well. the joy of Googling promotes the yearning to juggle with concepts, stories and narratives, which replenish brain energy and promote new circuits. While Googling helps one challenge existing concepts, it also provides food for new intellectual debates. In fact, the debate lingers on long after the computer has been shut down.