Windows 7 Beta available on BitTorrent

Pirated copies of a Windows 7 build pegged by many as the beta Microsoft will release next month have leaked to the Internet, according to searches at several BitTorrent sites today.

A search on the Pirate Bay BitTorrent site, for example, returned two Windows 7 Build 7000 listings, both of which had been posted Friday.

As of Saturday afternoon, one torrent on Pirate Bay showed more than 1,800 “seeders” — the term for a computer that has a complete copy of the torrent file — and about 8,500 “leechers,” or computers that have downloaded only part of the complete torrent. The torrent is a disk image of the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate, Build 7000, according to users commenting on the site and elsewhere on the Internet.

Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent sites, including Mininova, listed the beta build as a 2.44GB download.

This is not the first time Windows 7 has escaped from Microsoft’s limited testing pool. Just hours after the company unveiled an earlier version at its Professional Developers Conference in late October, the alpha edition hit BitTorrent.

Users first reported the newest Windows 7 leak on’s forums Friday, with the opening message and screenshots coming from someone identified as “+fivestarVIP”, who said he was from Beijing, China.

Build 7000 is what Microsoft will issue next month as Windows 7 Beta, according to other reports by Windows bloggers who have copies. Paul Thurrott, for example, posted a review and screenshots of Build 7000 today on his “SuperSite for Windows” site, naming it as the Beta build.

Although Microsoft has promised to open the beta to all users in early 2009, it has been mum on an exact release date. Information published on its own Web site earlier this month, however, hinted that the beta will be available no later than Jan. 13.

Some commentators and bloggers have maintained that Microsoft may release the beta as early as Jan. 7, after CEO Steve Ballmer delivers a keynote that evening at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where he is expected to talk about Windows 7.

Insert Code Snippet – Tip Of Week #15

Hi guys, do you know you can use already ready code inside your visual studio? Yes certainly you can insert code snippets into your code. You can invoke the “Insert Snippet” by using shortcut “ctrl k + ctrl x”.


You can download some of the code snippets from all you need to do is install this file at “My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Code Snippets\Visual C#\My Code Snippets” location. You can also find some more snippets at all you need to do is copy this snippet at “My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Code Snippets\Visual C#\My Code Snippets” and you are ready to use these ready made code into your visual studio using shortcuts “ctrl k + ctrl x”

You can also insert the snippets by writing a part of it and pressing tab twice. For e.g. to insert a new property in your code type

prop + tab + tab

this will insert a property in your code window.

So keep using this to improve your productivity, and enjoy coding.

:Ajay Matharu