Smoke-free workplace policy

As the Health Ministry prepares to enforce a ‘smoke-free workplace policy’ from October 2, a petition challening the ban is up for hearing on September 30

The rule says;

– No person smokes in work places, shopping malls, and cinema theatres.

– Public spaces have to specifically display a board statingĀ  ‘No smoking area – smoking here is an offence’ in English and other Indian Languages. Separate boards to be displayed at every entrance/floor.

– No ashtrays, matches, lighters to be provided in work places, shopping malls and cinema theatres.

– If owners fail to penalise smokers, they have to pay up fines equal to number of offences. The fine is Rs200 for each individual offence, but there’s a move to raise that to Rs1,000


Intellisense not working in Visual Studio – Tip of Week #1

Sometimes your intellisence stops working in Visual Studio.

The problem mostly arises when you install some add-in or uninstall the add-in. I faced this problem When I un-installed re-shareper. All you have to do to get back your intellisense is

just close your Visual Studio.

Navigate to Windows -> run, and type “devenv /resetsettings” without double quotes. This will reset the settings completely. You can have your intellinsence back this way. You can also write “devenv /resetsettings” from your command prompt.