TWEET OLD POST – Update 3.2.7

Tweet old post – update 3.2.7


What’s new:

Enable Log – I have included this option to log all that happens while posting a post to twitter. Please enable this if something is not working for you. You can try again after enabling log and check the log.txt file under log folder under wp-content/Tweet-Old-Post/log/log.txt. If you are not able to understand or make it work you can mail me the log.txt file at ajay[at]ajaymatharu[dot]com

Exclude Post – Yes, exclude post is back in this version. I have worked on the vulnerability issue and resolved that in this version.

Misc – Some other bug fixes and optimization. Tried to resolve the issue of nothing happens when you click to authorize twitter account with plugin.


There were some other options that were confusing here is the explanation for those,

Use Inline Hashtags – If checked it looks for hashtags (from tags/categories/custom field/common) within the tweet content, if found it replaces that word with hashtag. If not checked hashtag will be added at end of tweet.

Maximum Hashtag Length – Specifies maximum number of character hashtags can contain. This is included to calculate the tweet length. e.g. Suppose you have set this to 30, if your post’s total hashtags character length is more than 60 it will it will trim it to 30 character to include those in tweet. This is to include more content in your tweet than hashtags. If you set this to 0 it will post all the hashtags reducing the size of your tweet content.

Random Interval – its an random interval which is added to minimum interval. e.g. if you have set the minimum interval to 4 hours and random interval to 4 hours the next post may happen at 4 hours 28 mins or 4 hours 58 mins. This option adds some additional time interval to minimum time interval.


You can download the latest plugin from WordPress

  • Hi Ajay,
    Excellent plugin! Can you add support for custom post types? I have an ecommerce store and would love to tweet my products!
    Brendan – Melbourne, Australia

  • Hi, still have big issues with TOP 3.2.7, like on 3.2.6, impossible to log with Twitter neither to update any option, it always takes me back to admin log in page… I’m using WP 3.2.1… Any idea of this known problem ?

  • I continue to have an issue with the plugin pulling a short url from a custom field. When I test the config it gives me an error. Has worked at times but then stops. It is a self hosted YOURLS install I use for custom short url.s Any ideas?

  • sam

    Hey Ajay … just curious

    is there similar plugin for facebook ? like tweeting old post on facebook automatically ?

    thanks in advance brother …

    • Hi Guys, if the plugin is throwing you out when you try to save the settings plz send me the name of any other twitter plugin that you are using.

  • I have the same here. Please guys, fix it. Until this update all was working right

  • When we click the twitter log on button it loads this page only: http://……..admin.php?page=TweetOldPost

  • This may be caused because of some conflict with some other plugin on your blog. I need to know the plugins you have installed. If you can mail me the list at ajay[at] it would be great, and this will help me resolve the issue. 

  • Tweet old post conflict with google analytics for wordpress – when tweet old post goes to twitter for authentication, twitter authenticates and returns with oauth_token, when we include the oauth_token in the URL it is getting redirected to google analytics for wordpress plugin.

    For time being to make it work
    – disable google analytics for wordpress
    – authorize tweet old post with twitter
    – enable google analytics for wordpress

    • Hi Ajay,

      Google Analytics is no longer responding… I don’t have an GA plugin, the code is simply in the Footer… any solutions?
      Twitter authorised with no issues…

      • Found a workaround. I moved the code out of the footer.php into the header.php and GA is now reporting again. I’d removed your plugin before I did this… I’m going to try it again with the code up top. Fingers crossed.

    • Hi, i have only disqus and jetpack installed. The problem continues. I’ve installed the older version, 3.2.6 and it keeps sending me to the tweet old post page, like just a simple refresh. Any other options to try out?

  • Having a problem when I excluded categories, I exclude all but 1 category, then do a tweet, but it is not grabbing it from the one category

    • Hi on certain categories I am getting this message “No post found to tweet. Please check your settings and try again”. I know there are posts in these categories.

  • gerry

    hello. i just installed your Tweet Old Post plugin, and am very much looking forward to this.  However, I am having trouble authorizing the ap with twitter.  I disabled my Google Analytics and then hit the ‘tweet now’ and I get an ‘oops’ error.  So then i clicked the ‘sign in with twitter’ button.  That links to twitter, I authorize the ap and then nothing happens.  It freezes or signs me out of the back end of my site. 

    Any idea whats going on?

  • gerry

    Please disregard my question below.  I was able to figure it out.

    • Kymora

      Gerry – can you share as I am still having that same issue.

    • @gerry can you please share, how did you figured that out. That will help lot of people out here

  • Jimmyneph

    I was having the login out admin when save something at tweet old post. So I took a look more carefully and realized that address at the end of req was different then begining.

    My website was using as a website address, and the plugin was sent me to So, only for tests, I took another admin place and remove the ‘www’, and BANG… Login page.

    So, to workaround, if you are using a subdomain based address on your config, remove it. I don’t know if it is a plugin problem, or wordpress bug, but I solved this way.

    • Ajay Matharu should have a look at this, maybe that is the cause of the bug :-S

  • @Paul – Cool, cheers 🙂

  • I would very much like the ability to post to Facebook and Google+ also, it says that it is forthcoming, any date on this. Otherwise i have to look for another plugin that can do this. If anyone has an idea of good plugins that can do this please leave a comment on this comment.
    Thanks Thomas

  • I tried to disable all plugins and still can’t make your plugin authorize with Twitter, it just stays on the plugin settings page.

  • Thank you very much for giving the plugin. With him I got a twitter additional interesting information for my readers. Some remember the old articles, and other poznokomyatsya with my earlier work. Once again I express my gratitude.

  • *————*

  • Anonymous

    Infelizmente depois da atualização não consigo mais autorizar o twitter, já desabilitei todos os plugins, reinstalei, voltei a versão antiga e não deu certo.
    É uma pena, pois o Tweet Old Post é um Ótimo Plugin. 🙁

    Unfortunately after the upgrade I can no longer authorize twitter,have already disabled all plugins, reinstalled, turned the old version and did not work.It’s a shame, because the Old Post Tweet is a great plugin. 🙁

  • Shadal

    Do you have any intention of expanding this plugin or creating other plugins with the same effect, but for other social networks (especially FaceBook)?

  • SoyEstudiambre

    Can’t get it back working!! It was doing great before but suddenly it stopped working… I reinstalled and now it wont even login with my twitter account. I click on “Sign in with twitter” and it does nothing. Any solution for this?

  • Great plugin, thanks

  • Jimmy neph

    Hey Ajay, why you don’t upload your plugin at github? Maybe the community can help with enhancements…

  • Lgmsites

    Hi, maybe you can help me out. I cant authorise the app in twitter. whenI am directed to twitter and I sign in to authorise Im redirected and dumped out of WP. Authorisation doesnt occur. any advice on this problem

  • LT

    Same problem as a few other people on here. Authorizing Twitter logs me out of WP and I never get an authorization. Uninstalling, reinstalling etc does not resolve the issue. I have the newest versions of the plugin and WP.

  • can i get it for blogger?

  • david michael benzing

    one I should have install the plugins they should have been thereon twitter all so to let everyone know if you typen in (twettier) that site is connected with metro pcs phillipians I belive I call them to take care of there website also they used yahoo at one time back about a year or so when I sign up in september of 2009

  • Fxjudy

    No post found to tweet. Please check your settings and try again,when I click tweet now.

  • Anonymous

    It would be really neat if you could specify a dead time; during which no tweets would be sent out. In my case, I’m really only tweeting to UK businesses, so restricting re-tweets to the business day makes sense.
    Sending out tweets in the middle of the night only confirms that this is an auto-tweet.

  • Laurent

    Hi, Every time I save my changes, I find myself on my login page and no changes were taken into account .. What should I do? Laurent

  • Hana

    Hi – just installed and getting an error every time I click tweet now “OOPS!!! there seems to be some problem while tweeting. Please try again”

  • Kay Lynn

    Same as others have said, the authorization doesn’t work. I installed this about a year ago on a different site and it’s been working fine. But it won’t work on my new blog. Sure would be nice if you’d respond to these comments, Ajay!

  • Gerhard

    this plugin is a nice addition to my website. What I would like to see added is the possibility to select days and times to allow retweets of old posts. I only work b2b and my window of tweeting is business hours mon-fri. What I also think is great is the option to add several tweets to one post and on retweet select one of those lines. In this way I could address different target audiences.

  • Boneyardhh

    Great plugin – Works perfect,,, Would be nice to have a tweet from time or between times, or dead time. And it would be huge to have muliple accounts option. 

    Thanks for the great plugin..

  • Hi Guys,

    I know the plugin is giving error for some users. Of late have been very busy with office work. I am working and trying to resolve the error whenever I get time in between. Will post an update as and when I resolve the error. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for using the plugin.


  • Cvivas23

    Buen dia tengo problemas con la app al conectarla al twitter no me permite conectarme tengo la ultima version que puedo hacer

  • Good day I have problems when connected to twitter app does not allow me to connect I have the latest version I can do

  • NEVER USE IT ON WP 3.3.1, it will twitte all your blog posts…

    • Charlet

      Same Here

  • I’m also having trouble with the Twitter login returning to the Google Analytics setup page. I have heard great things about this plugin. Hope you are able to fix it!

  • Lisa

    Like Mary – I cannot log into my Twitter account – it takes me to the Google Analytics set-up page.  I have seen a decline in traffic to my site since having this issue.  Hope you are able to resolve the error.

  • Charlet

    Be careful using this plunin with your main twitter accounts.. The plugin is re-posting tweets from all blog post about 10 at a time almost every hour using the default settings. Twitter has banned 2 of my clients accounts for spamming, these accounts were 2+ years old. 
    Ajay Matharu keep us updated please

  • Hi Guys updated the plugin,
    New in v3.2.8
    – Resolved conflict with Google Analytics Plugin.
    – Changed the log file location to root of plugin folder.
    – Maintained Tweet Cycle. Repeat only when all post have been tweeted.
    – Made other optimizations and resolved some minor bugs

  • Rickie

    Thanks for the update, but when I looked at my twitter account I had 200 tweets for the day. It is posting 30 blog post at a time. Whats happing?

    • Try updating your settings again. This happens because of incorrect settings.

      • Rickie

        I have removed the plugin and re-installed it with the newest version. Its posting all of my blog post at the same time about every 4 hours. 

  • James Elsey

    I’d love to say that this plugin is great, but in fact its completely useless. I first installed this 6 months ago but after numerous updates I can never get it to work. I’m currently on WP 3.3.1, and everytime I try to update my tweet old posts settings, it just re-directs me to the WP login page. Unfortunately no other alternatives right now, sort it out Ajay!

    • Hi James,
      I am trying to resolve the issue however I am not able to replicate this behavior. Can you enable the log and mail me the log file from the root of “tweet old post” plugin folder. It would be of great help for me. 

  • Great plugin…
    but after an update, I don’t know what update but was after any of these….

    every time I get “OOPS!!! problem with your URL shortning service. Some signs of error 0.”
    with all short url services…. only works without using this services…

  • Olifeld

    Hy Guys,
    on the website wordpress there is a solution for the redirection on the login page  and the post of Jeremyers1 in the bottom page
    but there is always the problem with the twitter connection

  • Olifeld

    I put the old version 3.7 with the corrections listed below and it works for me 

  • Trying to installing this plugin for the first time, this is kinda good plugin 🙂

  • New version is still not working for me… Nothing happens when i try to login with my account 🙁

  • Really enjoying this plug-in. With twitter’s short window of opportunity to get “eyes” on content this is a great tool for getting those posts out to more folks. One thing that I would love to see is the ability to use the url shortener from Hootsuite (and other social media tools) so that the stats from these old tweets could be easily tracked.  Thanks for this great plug-in!

  • Thanks for your awesome plugin. It helps me to really gain traction and generate a whole lot of traffic to my old blog posts. This is amazing!

  • Ajay – Do you have or do you know of a Google Plus plugin that works like what you have for Twitter?  In other words, a plugin that would autopost to your Googleplus stream from your current WP posts? Thank you.

  • Izzat Aziz

    I still couldn’t connected it with twitter, when try to sign in, it give an error.. saying this web page has a redirect loop.

    • people having problem while authorizing with twitter try this,

      Too many redirects while trying to authorize
      Make sure “Tweet Old Post Admin URL (Current URL)” is showing your current URL.
      Click on “Update Tweet Old Post Options”.
      Try to authorize again.

      • Izzat Aziz

        done it, still not working.

        • Izzat Aziz

          working now, forget to click update.

  • Dana Theus

    Hey Ajay – I”ve been loving your plugin and just updated it but noticed it’s not working. Went to check settings and found my twitter authorization had expired. Reauthorized and got this error: The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. 

    I’ve cleared cookies and stuff and still get the error. Any suggestions?

    • Too many redirects while trying to authorize
      Make sure “Tweet Old Post Admin URL (Current URL)” is showing your current URL.
      Click on “Update Tweet Old Post Options”.
      Try to authorize again.

  • When I set Additional Text to End of Tweet, it doesn’t show up. It does, however, if I put it at the beginning. The text I’m using is “via @humortimes” … Also, when I try to change it from Beginning to End of Tweet, and Save, then try a tweet, it reverts to Beginning. I had to Save, then go somewhere else in Admin, then come back, in order for it to take the change to the End, even though I Save every time.

    Another thing, it’s not clear how the “Minimum interval between tweets” and “Random Interval (added to minimum interval)” work, even with your new explanation. If I set Minimum to 2.5, for example (btw, are decimal places ok?), and Random to 1, does that mean that some tweets will come every 2.5 hours, and some will come 1 hour after one of those? And if so, does that mean that the next tweet after a 1 hour tweet won’t come until another 2.5 hours, or will it come 2.5 hours after the last 2.5 hour tweet, meaning it would end up coming 1.5 hours after the Random 1 hour tweet? Or, what…?

    Thanks for any help, and it’s a very nice plugin!

  • Soyestudiambre

    Ajay please help! I really need tweet old post to work again 🙁 i’ve been trying everything since it stopped working, and every update i feel it’s going to finally work but it doesnt… My problem is a little bit different to what others are reporting. It simply does NOTHING when i press the “sign in with twitter” button. it does the same as if i press “refresh button”. I did try the “Current URL” thing, i reinstalled the plugin, i’ve tried switching my browser and all of this i’m tryin with 2 different sites i own… What else should i try?
    Thanks a lot

    • This is strange can you give me access to your wordpress setup? coz I am not able to replicate this issue.

      • Soyestudiambre

        what is your mail? Yo want access to my wp admin or to my server files?

  • delfinparis

    Tried to authorize with twitter using Chrome – it authorizes and then reports and errors 
    “This webpage has a redirect loop”

    • I am getting this same error when I try to add a second WP blog to my same twitter account.  Have you resolved this problem?

  • delfinparis

    Ignore – fixed!  Thanks!

  • delfinparis

    link shortener services not working?  I tried most of them and getting an error.  Any ideas how to fix?

  • I am trying to add this plugin to 2 different WP blog sites using the same twitter account.  The first site works perfectly, but the second site gives me an error.  Is there a technical limitation when using this plugin with 2 WP sites and the same Twitter account?

  • B.K


    I try to sign in with my Twitter account. But it doesn’t work. I have the version: 3.3.2
    Could you help me please?

  • B.K


    I try to sign in with my Twitter account. But it doesn’t work. I have the version: 3.3.2
    Could you help me please?

  • Everything works for me, on the exact same version. Anyone will suggest you to turn off your other plugins and see it it’s working then, and take it on from there.

    • B.K

      Thanks. This helped me. Now the plugin is working great!

  • Osh

    The page isn’t redirecting properly
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    This happen when I tried to use it on a second blog

  • Fb

    yo dude !

    Just wanted to show you my love. THanks to your plugin (and to tweetadder) twitter is my #2 traffic provided.

    Big thanks

  • The Tweet-Old-Post directory and txt files were never created (even after checking “Enable Log”.)  Do I need to manually add those with certain permissions?

  • It would be great if we could also exclude specific tags instead of categories only.

  • Hi
    When I try and sign in and authorise it comes back with a ‘This Website has a redirect loop’ error.
    Any ideas?

    • Awesome plugin ajay, thanks.
      James i had the same problem at my site The way to solve this is when you load the plugin for the first time check the tweet old post admin url in settings.Even if you see the url as correct you need to save those settings for the first time by clicking ‘Update tweet old posts’.Thats it try again this solved my issue

  • Hi, your plugin is great and I have been using it on  multiple blogs since last year. I was looking out for a feature in it by which we can also tweet selected pages of our blog. I would look forward for such feature in future release. thanks

  • Sstraus

    Having trouble with excluding posts.  When I select posts to exclude on one page and then do another page, the first set get unchecked.  If I try to go through the whole lists, the checks on earlier pages fall off.  Any idea what the issue is?

  • Hey Ajay, I just found your plug-in today! What amazing plug-in for WordPress, congratulations! Thanks for sharing it.
    A few doubts:
    1 – Do you have Joomla version of this plug-in?
    2 – Do you have the same for FaceBook?

  • Mido_refeat

    can any one tell me how i can make it when tweet tweet 5 post not just 1 ??? any helper

    • Siphra

      You should have an option near the bottom “Number of Posts to Tweet”. Though I wonder if anyone knows why I can’t find the “Random Interval” on mine so I can have it post automatically.