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in ASP.Net - 18 Feb, 2009
by Ajay Matharu - no comments

Many times you need to restrict the number of character’s in multi-line textbox in asp.net. However the maxlength property does not helps in this case what you can do is use this javascript code to restrict the number of input characters in multiline textbox. <script language=”javascript”> function textboxMultilineMaxNumber(txt, maxLen) { try { if (txt.value.length > […]

in .Net - 15 Dec, 2008
by Ajay Matharu - no comments

There are a few hidden gems in Visual Studio that are easy to overlook. One of those is the Code Definition Window (ctrl+\,ctrl+d or View – Code Definition Window). The Code Definition Window will work in two different ways. The first is with your current code editing window. As you navigate your code, the Code […]