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in SQL - 10 Sep, 2008
by Ajay Matharu - no comments

Top new features in SQL 2008

- Use Resource Governor to manage concurrent workloads.

Ensure consistent performance by using Resource Governor to define resource limits and priorities for different workloads and enable consistent performance.

- Enforce policy compliance consistently across the enterprise with the Declarative Management Framwork.

Manage your enterprise data infrastructure easily with Declarative Management Framework (DMF). Reduce the time spent on daily maintenance operations by defining a common set of policies for most database operations like query optimizations, naming conventions, backup and restore operations, and index management. Apply policies to many servers for consistent management across the enterprise.

- Reduce storage requirements and increase query performance with data compression and sparse columns.

Reduce your storage costs and improve performance of large I/O bound workloads by using data compression

- Protect sensitive data with Transparent Data Encryption and advanced auditing.

Dynamically encrypt your valuable data within an entire database, data files, or log files, without the need for applying application changes. Minimize exposure for security attacks by using Surface Area Configuration to enable only the services you require.

- Troubleshoot, tune and monitor SQL 2008 instances across the enterprise with Performance System Analysis.

Enable Performance System Analysis by collecting performance data from your system and storeit in a centralized data repository. View reports to benchmark and analyze system performance and health.

- Build high performance analysis solutions with scalability, performance, data mining, and user interface enhancements in SQL Analysis Services.

Drive business intelligence throughout your organization, manage reports and analysis of any size of complexity and empower user by providing powerful visualization.

- Take advantage of improved Performance, usability, visualization, and integration with the 2007 Microsoft Office Suites in SQL Server Reporting Services.

Empowers users to answer complex questions by providing the relevent information through reports with powerful visualizations and rendered in Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel. Enable users to create complex reports and share them internally and Externally with customers and partners.

- Integrate location-enabled application through support for spatial data.

Introduction of new Geography data type to store geodetic spatial data and perform opertaions on it. Also introduction of new Geometry data type to store planar spatial data and perform operations on it.

- Accelerate Development

Access data by defining business entities instead of tables and columns with the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Query and retrieve these entities natively within any .NET language with Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Enable developers to work with the logical entity model, and administrators to define the physical implementation of the model as tables and columns.

- Access your data from anywhere

Create flexible, occasionally connected applications that can function when disconnected from the network. Create a next generation of applications that can work on a local data store and automatically synchronize the local store with a central store when a connection is available.

- Store and consume any type of data

Use the new FILESTREAM datatype to manage unstructured data such as documents and images outside the database. Store XML efficiently and enable easy access with XQuery. Improve the handling of temporal data by using new date and time data types.

- Integrate any data

Scale and manage large numbers of users and data with improved query performance on large tables. Optimize queries for data warehousing scenarios, and increase I/O performance with efficient and cost effective data storage. Integrate growing volumes of data from disparate systems with the scalable data integration features of Integration Services. Consolidate real-time data into the data warehouse with Change Data Capture functionality.

- Drive actionable insight

Provide a consistent set of KPIs and business metrics to all users by using the comprehensive and scalable analysis platform fo SQL Server Analysis Services that has intutive acess through Office Excel. Integrated Ata Mining enables predictive analysis so you caninvestigate common issues like forecasting and identifying key influences for decisions, Develop scalable analysis models with enhanced designers that incorporate best practices into design experience, Increce the scale and performance of analysis by using enhanced analytical capabilities and complex comutations and aggregations

in Motivation - 09 Sep, 2008
by Ajay Matharu - no comments

You could be walking and suddenly see a lemon and some greeen chillies tied to a string lying on the road. Your first instinct is to avoid it. You may not even stop to think why you are avoiding it. You just do. If you take a moment to consider what you believe, is just an old wives tale or superstition that lime and chillies lying on the road have been used to ward off bad luck.

Such superstitious beliefs have been with us as long as we can remember. We may have never questioned their origins or verified how real they are. We just accepted them as something we follow. And this belief in touching wood and applying a black dot to ward off the bad luck, eagle eye has not decreased no matter how much we have progressed scientifically.

This attitude needs to be changed according to Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (MANS). Set up in 1989 and having 180 brances all over India, MANS is dedicated to eradicating superstitions from our lives.

But what is the harm in following silly old superstitions that harm nobody?

But can we discount faith and its powers. Faith does play an important part as it gives people the strength to go ahead, but it is important to take care that the person doesn’t bank on that faith alone.

Man is a thinking animal who can rationalise his actions and beliefs. Over the years we have also devised scientific explanations for most of the things like the movement of the sun and stars we thought were miracles of God. After such progress, beliefs in superstitions pull a man back to where he started from.

But could some of these superstitions be based on some scientific fact? All superstitions are just old wives tales and have no base in science. Even miracles performed by babas and sadhus are nothing but sleight of hand.

Would education help to stop such practices? Some agree that education helps, but cautions that along with education we need to develop a scientific attitude which is lacking in current generation. As fas as belief in superstitions is concerned, there is no urban rural divide.

It is the attitude that needs to be changed. Arguments come from both sides about how good or bad superstitions can be. But it is high time that people stop basing their decisions on such superstitions. After all “a general can’t win a war if he turns back because a black cat crossed his path.”