Major update to Tweet Old Post

A long awaited update. Tweet old post has been updated to v4 now.

Checkout the latest updates

– You can have your own application name instead of  “Tweet Old Post”. That is whenever a tweet will be posted from the plugin it will show the application name you have configured in the settings. However it is bit difficult rather a lengthy process to create your own application name in twitter. Whatever application name you create it will appear under “via” in that tweet. For this you have to create an application in twitter and specify its “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret”. Creating Twitter Application for Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin.

– Pages can now be included. Added an option to select what is to be tweeted (pages, posts, or both).

– Removed “.” and used “-” when adding additional text, “.” was causing grammatical mistakes if sentence was trimmed.

– Added option to specify number of posts that can be tweeted simultaneously. You can specify a maximum of 10 and minimum of 1. If you specify 4 it will pick 4 random posts and tweet it. So basically you can specify how many tweets you want at a time.

– Last but not the least, removed random time slot was causing lot of confusion.


 Note: Please update your settings once after updating.

If something is not working try following steps,

– Make sure “Tweet Old Post Admin URL (Current URL)” is showing your current URL.

– Click on “Update Tweet Old Post Options”.

– Try again.



  • Hi.  I have your plugin on one of my blogs and it works like a treat.  I am trying to add it to another blog but it won’t get past trying to authorise my account with twitter. I have tried it in both chrome and firefox and am having the same trouble.  In firefox this is the error that comes up.

     The page isn’t redirecting properly                                    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.


    • hi Stacey please check the FAQ it has the solution to this problem. lemme know of you want any other info.

      • Hi Ajay, Silly question, but I am having a similar problem to Stacey’s and I cannot locate the FAQ. Can you please provide the link?

  • How can I change what separates the “Additional Text” from the rest of the Tweet. It appears that the default is “:”. How can I change what that character is? Thanks.

    • @Kevin I have changed the default separator to “-” instead of “.” that is not configurable as of now.

  • Can’t tweet old post send any article to twitter, associated with two categories?

  • I tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and I can’t get the “Sign in with Twitter” to authorize. It bounces me back to my website.

    • update your setting before trying to authorize.

      • Thank you for the reply. Your suggestion appears to have done the trick.

  • Hi, I updated the plugin and I having problems, the plugin is sending 30 tweets in the same moment, my followers are calling me angry with me.

  • Cannot use custom names even after the update… 

  • Thank you for creating and continuing to update this handy plugin!

  • really great plugin! thank you very very much 🙂

  • Peter

    Plugin worked in the past for me, but when I recently upgraded it, it tweets all of my posts simultaneously, leaving me with Twitter diarrhea. I have it set to tweet one post every five hours, but that never happens…

    • I am not able to replicate this issue. I have tested it in 2-3 sites but could not replicate this issue. It could be great if someone who has this type of issue can give me access to the site so that I can investigate on that. Thanks.

  • Hello,

    I have the plugin installed on my wordpress and have a question. The plugin itself should not send Tweets Twitter for hi? Here does not work. Need to click Tweet Now. 

  • No matter what I do I get this error. Tweet 1 ( Utah Gets Kudos For High Tech Jobs | Utah Businesses ) :
    OOPS!!! there seems to be some problem while tweeting. Please try again.

    Any suggestions?

    • You are using your own twitter application or using the default one?

  • People who had previous versions working can download and install the old version from the plugin repository

  • This is a great plugin, but since I upgraded to Version 4.0.1 its been acting up. I have “Minimum interval between tweets:” set to 4. “Minimum age of post to be eligible for tweet:” set to 0. “Number Of Posts To Tweet:” set to 4. What happens is every 4 hours, it tweets almost of of my posts.

    Also, I am running WordPress 3.4.1.


    • @plake777:disqus I have been trying to replicate this issue but somehow I am not able to do that. I am waiting for someone to give me access to their site who are getting this problem so that I can look into this. Thanks for using the plugin.

  • Love the sound of this plugin but can’t get it to work. I sign into twitter and it seems to do so successfully (can see my twitter pic) but then I get

    The page isn’t redirecting properly
              Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
      This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

    I have cookies enabled … what could be the problem? Thanks.

    • @73075ee41dc88664be1af1d47c8e862d:disqus check the FAQ it has the solution for this problem.

  • Shelli Johnson

    I love your plugin & have been using it for a while without problems. Yesterday, I changed  the minimum age of post to be eligible for tweet and now I get this message:  OOPS!!! problem with your URL shortning service. Some signs of error . I didn’t change any of the other settings including the ones for the URL shortening service. I’ve checked and the URL shortening settings are correct. Please advise.

    • @83ac2ac6050f5462b1bd31e6b07a893b:disqus can you revert to previous setting and see if that is still working for you?

      • Shelli

        I’ve changed it back to the previous setting. The shortening service is now working again; however, the plugin is not. I can manually send out a tweet. It’s no longer doing it automatically at 4-hour intervals. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the plugin twice. Still no luck. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Eveline Meijer

    Hi there!
    I’ve been using and loving your plugin for some time now. But to day I accidentily clicked on deauthorize. No problem I thought, I can authorize it again. So I tried. It does redirect me to the twitter page, than I say yes authorize it….it redirects me back to the wordpress page but it’s not authorized. There’s no error message or anything, it just won’t do it.

    I tried to click on “Update Tweet Old Post Options” and it did update them but I still can’t authorize. the URL is fine, checked that 3 times allready.
    Please help me? Thank you!

    • Eveline Meijer

      I don’t use any other twitter plugin exept for a tweet button. Used to work fine till I clicked deauthorize.In the mean time, I allready tried to de-install the plugin and deactivate the plugin. all of that didn’t do anything to get it working again. HELP ME PLEASE!

    • David Nichols

      All my sites are doing the same thing.

  • Ok so if you are using Simple Twitter Connect or any similar plugin, just deactivate it right now and then activate this plugin. They don’t play nice together.

  • Hi there, so glad I found this plugin for my wordpress site, I installed, and was able to connect my twitter account. I adjusted my settings, updated, and tweeted now – when I used the tweet now i was able to see that a post was published, but it’s not automating posts, meaning unless I manually go into my setting and say tweet now, the posts are not appearing in my twitter timeline. I chose 4 hours between posts, but it’s not updating to my twitter account. Please advise.

    • @twitter-123051945:disqus Can you enable the log try it for a day and mail me the log file?

      • Ok i have enabled the log, where do i go to access in a day to send to you? and whats your email? thanks

  • Pdmstrong

    I think this is a wonderful concept. Unfortunately I cannot get it to post automatically. There is a bug that needs fixing I think. Can you advise?

  • natalie

    Updating your Windows Vista operating system with a group of updates and fixes is much easier than doing it individually. Microsoft releases service packs that contain all major updates to its operating systems.

  • n


  • Ajay, is there a way to make it tweet old portfolios as well? Thanks!

  • This plugin is still not working for me. The only time it actually Tweets an old post is when I do it manually. Other than that nothing happens. I’ve been trying to get it to work for about a month now. There has been no update or fixes. I don’t think I am the only one with this problem.

    • David Nichols

      Mine is still not working either. It won’t even let me tweet manually.

    • Me too. Its not working. Only by manually tweeting will it tweet. sad 🙁

    • Same here. It only tweets manually despite following the instructions, resaving options, etc.

    • try using an older version of the plugin rather than the latest version. I did that and it’s working fine for me across various blogs..

  • David Nichols

    I have it on several blogs and they all stopped working when I upgraded. Any ideas?

  • Natalie

    I will try this plugin if its worth…I want to upgrade all my post..Thank you for sharing this information..

  • I’m having issues just like everyone else. I have tried to activate and it redirects find, no big deal but when I try to manually tweet it tells me try later.

  • xtreetalf

    good plugin but one issue. iIt cant be configured while you had active the plugin “google analitic for wordpress”

  • I just installed your plugin and I love the concept. Tried it twice and got two tweets to work but: no link? What good is it if someone cannot find the post? Also, do I have to go in each day and click to make it happen? THANKS.

  • Can’t get it to work either. Twitter authorized and I can tweet manually but not automatically. Really wish there was something that WORKED!

  • I’m wondering if anyone has had luck with this? Must I do it manually? How do we get a URL to post? No good to have a tweet w/o a URL.

  • Stephan De Villiers

    This plugin used to work perfectly. Now suddenly it tweets bursts of up to 21 tweets automatically! It tweets 1 post every second. This is tantamount to spamming on twitter. What went wrong? I am using the latest WordPress version. Please help!

  • hp

    What ever I do I still get the error: OOPS!!! there seems to be some problem while tweeting. Please try again.

  • Just noticed that you have updated the plugin to remove support for custom app names. Please do not do this. Third party apps still show the app name and this feature is still useful to a lot of us!

    I would be hoping that you change your mind. I am currently delaying the update.

    • Hi,
      Same thing for me.
      Third party apps like Tweetdeck show the app name. I don’t want to update to 4.0.2 just because i find this feature useful.
      Thank you for your awesome work.

  • Andrew

    Would you consider including a customized url shortening option (like YOURLS) in future? Thanks.

  • Thanks for the latest update, seems to be working just fine now! I would love to offer a suggestion, though it’s certainly not urgent, would just be a nice option. There’s a field called “Additional Text” in the settings which you can specify to appear at the beginning or end of the tweet. It would be great if we could enter 2 or 3 different ones and they would rotate. That way when someone visits your Twitter page they aren’t seeing the same intro over and over again, making it look automatic. Thanks again!

  • For them who had previous versions working can download the previous version from following link

  • Please click update settings after updating the plugin

  • Isn’t this supposed to send out tweets automatically? It works great when I hit “Tweet now” but that’s the only time it works. Please advise on how to activate it.

  • hello bro so by auto tweet the scriptwill not get any problem

  • Rob

    Thanks for this. Works great now. One question – if I set it to tweet every 48 hours, will it tweet every 48 hours from when I click the Update Options button? Currently they’re going out at 2.22am and I definitely didn’t click update at that time. How does it decide the time to tweet?

  • I installed the latest version of this on two separate blogs and neither worked unless you manually clicked on ‘tweet now’.

    However, when I downloded version 4.0.2 from the repository that version works perfectly to send old posts out to Twitter, BUT it gives me lots of error messages when i’m in the TOP settings area in WP. That’s a bit annoying, plus the plugin update icon which obviously won’t go away because I don’t want to upgrade and break the plugin again!

    Great tool, few bugs but otherwise brilliant.

  • agus

    many thank for your plugin tweet old post, i was install to my blog.

  • Rebecca

    I love the idea of this plugin! But an’t seem to get it to work.

    I am authorized, but when i click “tweet now” on the settings, it says “no posts to tweet. Please try again”

    Any idea how to fix this?