Buffer My Posts

Buffer My Posts is my new plugin. Buffer My Post will help you schedule your wordpress blog posts to Buffer. Buffer is an amazing platform which helps you to schedule the post to various social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, and Google Pages.

Here’s how Buffer works,

There are a few simple steps to getting set up. First, connect your profiles on the left. Then, for each profile, hop into the “Schedule” tab to choose the days and times that your posts will go out. To add a post, click the “what do you want to share” box at the top of the page, and type or paste in your post. Then, click the avatars for your profiles to choose which profiles this post will go to. Once you add it to your Buffer, you will see it under the “Buffer” tab for each of those profiles.

This is very much similar to my other plugin, Tweet Old Posts, which posts it only to Twitter. Download Buffer My Posts and start scheduling your posts to Buffer.

Features of Buffer My Posts

1 – Schedule your blog posts to post to Buffer.

2 – Specify the format of the post to be posted to Buffer.

3 – Add categories as hashtags.

4 – Specify number of posts to post to Buffer.

5 – Specify Post types to be posted to Buffer. Currently its only Pages/Posts/Pages & Posts

6 – Omit Categories of post you don’t want to post to Buffer.

7 – You can also omit specific posts which should not be posted to Buffer.

Setting up Buffer My Posts

Buffer My Post

Buffer My Post

Buffer App Access Token :

You need to create a Buffer App and enter the Access Token in this field. Here’s how you can create the Buffer App and get the Access Token.

Post Format :

Specify the post format in which the content should be posted to Buffer. There are some predefined placeholders you can use them to specify your format.

Minimum Interval Between Posts :

This specifies the minimum time in hours, after which new content will be posted from your blog to Buffer.

Minimum age of post to be eligible for post :

This specifies the minimum days after which the post is eligible to be posted to buffer.

Maximum age of post to be eligible for post :

This specifies the maximum days after which the post will not be eligible to be posted to buffer.

Number of Posts to Post :

This specifies the number of posts to be picked to be posted to Buffer.

Post Type :

Specifies post type to be posted. this can either be Post/Page/Post+Page

Categories to emit for post :

Specifies all the categories of your blog. You need to select the categories whose posts should not be posted to Buffer.

Exclude Posts :

Lists all the posts, you can check/select the posts which should not be posted to buffer.


  • I am the admin of my site however both this plugin and the tweet old posts plugin show the following error: You do not have enough permission to set the option. Please contact your admin.

    • I was able to do it by changing the top_admin.php or the bmp_admin.php files on the plugin as follows:

      set line 10
      if (current_user_can(‘edit_plugins’))

      if (current_user_can(‘activate_plugins’))

      • Cool, glad you made it work. But being an admin user should be having permission to edit plugins as well.

        • Yes, I don’t know why this happen. I found the solution in the forums for Tweet Old Post plugin (wordpress page for the plugin).

      • excellent plugin, I also had to do this fix

    • Deactivate your WP security plugin and you will be fine.

  • Rick Cross

    As an avid Buffer user who maintains several blog sites and numerous social media sites, I was excited to find and just installed “Buffer My Post”. Thank you for all the hard work that you’ve obviously put into this,

    However… (there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there?) I don’t think that I can use it. Here’s why:
    We have three blogs, One for politics and the like, one for technical help and one for horse racing.
    We have Facebook pages, Google+ pages and Twitter accounts for all three blogs.
    We manage those social media sites via one Buffer account. (When I buffer a post, I deselect the social accounts that don’t pertain to the post)

    In “Buffer My Post”, I see no way to tell it which accounts in Buffer to use. Which means that technical help would also go to the horse racing accounts, political rants would go to the technical help accounts, etc.

    So unless I’ve missed something, the only way I can see around this would be to create multiple buffer accounts which would triple my costs and have me logging in and out of Buffer in my browser to properly direct the posts.

    • headwebguy

      Not sure if you were using an older version of the plugin, but your comment made me almost not install it. I had no problem selecting the accounts i wanted to buffer the posts to and selecting which categories i wanted to post to them. Granted you can only do this as overall settings, so you wouldnt be able to set it up for all three blogs, but you can set it up for one without trouble (unless i am not understanding your situation that is 😉

      You dont see the buffer accounts you have set up until you enter and save the app access token so maybe that is where you got off track?

  • Is it possible to control which social media accounts this plugin posts to? I have Buffer set to share to Twitter by default but also have Facebook and Google+ accounts connected. When I tested the plugin, it posted to all 3. Can I set it to only post to the default network/s?

  • I’ll add it to the post where you can select the profile to which buffer my post would post.

  • The plugin is awesome however when it posts to Facebook and Google+ via buffer, it posts the name of the post, and the link which is correct. But it also posts the featured image. The problem is that the image shows the image title (or filename), not the post title. Furthermore, the image links back to the image itself, not to the post itself.

    Therefore it causes confusion as people tend to click on the image. I have attached an example.

    • Inklaser

      Same here, i have the same issue, the link in the thumbnail goes to the image instead to the post, i hope @matharuajay:disqus fix this soon 🙂 however this is a great plugin and after search a lot i think this is the only one capable of share content in this way.

    • I’ve had this issue also but it’s not a problem with this plugin, it’s a problem with Buffer I reckon. I use Cloudinary to host images and same problem arose where the post sent to buffer using “WP to Buffer”. – It also posts the featured image but the image shows the image title (or filename), not the post title, and the image links back to the image itself, not to the post.

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  • Jose J. Ruiz-Vazquez

    Would love to use this plugin but I’m having the same issue as Fred and Rick, managing multiple accounts with my Buffer so I can’t have it loading the old post to all of them.

  • Matt Butler

    The plugin is working really well! Kudos! The only issue I see is that in the post format I specified: {title} {excerpt} {url}
    However, I’m not getting the excerpt. Any ideas why?

  • Alejandro

    how to I get my Access token, I dont find it

  • BATTLE System™

    Hi AJ,

    Hopefully you can help me. I’m buffering to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. It seems to work great for a few days and then suddenly it stops pushing to buffer. any idea what my problem is?

    • BATTLE System™

      On top of this, I’m now having another issue. Most of my networks are posting. Twitter works perfectly. But Google+ and LinkedIn look funny because buffer isn’t recognizing the URL, it is only getting ‘/blog/POSTNAME’ and so it’s not posting the image or the excerpt like it should. Facebook isn’t posting at all now because it’s not recognizing the URL. Help @matharuajay:disqus

  • Colombia Eco Travel

    Ajay, fantastic plugin just like your Tweet Old Post. Any way to post Custom Post Types? 🙂 Thank you!

  • I would like you to suggest you one more option for buffering. Like you have minimal interval between posts, it would be nice if there would be like maximum interval between posts, because sometimes it schedule posts on 12 hours. Anyways good job with the plugins.

  • Trying your plugin, loving it so far. However, it would be great if adding the featured image was optional. Also, it seems to be buffering my posts from the beginning of time in the order they were posted. Is this an intended feature? I somehow assumed it would choose random posts to buffer.

  • I tried your plugin on a site and loved the way it posted through Buffer. But I can’t seem to get the settings quite right. What I’m really looking for is for the plugin to send a post to Buffer on the day the post is published and not after. So I thought setting the minimum age of posts to 0 and the maximum age of posts to 1 would work. Or should the maximum age of posts also be set to 0 as well? It may be that what I’m trying to do is not really what the plugin is designed to do (I know you describe it as a tool to post older entries), but other than the problem I’m having, it works so smoothly (other similar plugins I’ve tried either don’t seem to work at all or work in a strange manner) that I’d really like to get it to work for what I want. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I really appreciate it!

    • headwebguy

      try wp to buffer – there is a free version and a paid one… itll do exactly what you are wanting it to do. I use both this one and that one and have not had trouble so far

  • Hi, thanks for the plugin. Works great. However, there seems to be a conflict between tweet old post and buffer my post plugins. If you have both installed, it automatically deactivates one or doesn’t let you set the settings. Also, buffer my post doesn’t show an option to include hashtags for each post.

  • tony

    Hi – there is a bug in your code. I’ve posted about this before, but the bug is still there. When the plugin is installed on my server running CentOS, it creates the directory “buffer-my-post”, all lowercase. But in bmp-debug.php you call it ‘Buffer-My-Post’. This means logging won’t work.

    Please can you change it for the next release – anyone with a case-sensitive file system (pretty much every Linux/Unix file system!) will never be able to use logging because of this error, and they might not be able to work out why.

    Thanks 🙂

  • tony

    Sorry guys, I didn’t know that if you post a link to a pic, it renders the actual pic in the comment – Disqus is a mystery to me!

  • I would like the option to have multiple Post Formats. So if I share 4 posts a day, they can all have different text descriptions.

  • Is this plugin supported anymore? It’s not working on the two sites I had it working great on, I’ve disabled all plugins and themes, but nothing seems to get it working. Logging throws a bunch of errors.

  • Doesn’t look like it’s working anymore… WP 3.9.1 here.

  • Looks like the plugin is not sending the posts to Twitter properly. I don’t know if something recently changed either with Twitter or the plugin – but it sends the post to buffer but doesn’t shorten it enough to include the URL?? It use to work great and included the URL and a hashtag I had included but now it’s not truncating the post enough to get those two things added?? This is only happening with the posts to Twitter – the ones I have going to the other platforms are working fine. Is there a fix for this??